Water Softener in Peoria IL

Water Softener in Peoria IL

Water Softener in Peoria IL

Need a Water Softener in Peoria IL?

Dries Brothers Plumbing can help. If you have been noticing orange stains around your drains or that your hair has become lifeless and dull, you could be suffering from hard water. Hard water contains a high mineral content, characterized by a metallic taste, as well as red stains around your drains and on white clothing. This is a result of too much calcium and magnesium in your water supply. Fortunately, there’s a solution and it’s called a water softener. You will require professional installation, so call us to assess the situation. We can recommend the best type, size and price range for your needs. When you allow those minerals to build up over time, the water can taste very bad. Even worse, those minerals can damage and corrode your pipes, which can decrease their life span and cost you big time later on. If you need a water softener in Peoria IL, make a call to Dries Bros. today.

Detecting Hard Water

So, how do you know if you have hard water and could benefit from a water softener in your home? You may need one if you:

Water Softener in Peoria IL
  • Can’t seem to get a good lather of soap while showering
  • Have dull, lifeless hair
  • Smell rotten eggs in your water or detect a metallic taste
  • Have orange or red stains around your drains (showers, sinks, toilets)
  • Have chronic water spots on dishes even after emerging from the dishwasher
  • Find rust-colored stains on your white clothing

Of course, there are more technical tests your plumber can take to say for sure. Call us for a consultation today.

Contact Dries Bros. Plumbing for Water Softeners in Peoria

To inquire about water softeners in Peoria IL, please call Dries Bros. at
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